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There are only a few days left until Christmas, and chances are you’ve still got some shopping to do. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our favorite picks for crafting.  From scissors and glue to storage bins and paper these gifts are great for all ages!

This Elenco Discovery Planet Rock Tumbler is perfect for someone interested in making jewelry.  The kit from Target includes gemstones, earring wires, a necklace and more.

Stampin’ Up! has great supplies for all kinds of crafts.  This Circle Card Kit includes an exclusive Stampin’ Up! double-mounted stamp, a Classic Stampin’ Spot, and papers and embellishments that are perfect together.

Whether for card making, scrapbooking or wrapping this assortment of Paper Shaper scissors adds a little fun to any project.

This Simple Circle Cutter from Martha Stewart is a must have.  It cuts perfect circles from 1 inch to 5.5 inches in diameter in 1/16 increments. Amazing!

Amazing E-6000 Craft bonds to glass, wood, plastics, tin, metal, ceramic, cement, rubber, vinyl, leather, fabric and many more.

We just love the storage bins from Cropper Hopper.  The various compartments are perfect for storing cards, paper, scissors, glue, ribbon and more.


When I was in college, I decided to make all my friends’ Christmas presents. I chose candles. If you haven’t made candles before, the supplies you need are without a doubt more expensive than buying everyone a pre-made candle. But we still tell stories about that Christmas – laugh about the candle that caught on fire because it was full of potpourri (I swear the directions said to do it that way!). Or the one that was so fragrant – thanks to some extra scent sticks – it could only be burned in a large room with a good deal of ventilation.

Handmade holidays don’t have to be a fire hazard. In fact, making or buying handmade is an escape from the mass produced gifts that tend to dominate the holiday season. And we’re all a bit more conscious about how we’re spending our holiday budgets this year.

You can create gifts with just a few basic supplies and some creativity. We’ve posted quite a few projects on this blog over the last six months that you could try:

Some other fun projects to try:

If you don’t make, you can also buy. Etsy is a wonderful resource for finding handmade items of all types. Some of our favorites (click on the picture to link to their Etsy shop):

Owl Ornament from EvelynX in Redwood City, California

Owl Ornament from EvelynX in Redwood City, California

Holiday Hoop earrings by karitwiggdesigns

Holiday Hoop earrings by karitwiggdesigns

Red Bird Scrabble Tile Pendant by HomeStudio

Red Bird Scrabble Tile Pendant by HomeStudio

Custom Initial Clip or Bookmark by nhubs

Custom Initial Clip or Bookmark by nhubs

If you have a favorite handmade gift to make or buy, let us know!

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