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If you’re still trying to decide what to get your sister or friend for the holidays, why not try making something?  This craft is super easy, looks adorable and less than $10!


  • Metal headband
  • Feathers (I got mine from Michael’s already on the piece of fabric)
  • Black ribbon
  • Amazing GOOP Craft Adhesive

Step 1:

Measure the black ribbon so that it fits the length of the fabric on the backside of the feathers.

Step 2:

Next, put Amazing GOOP Craft Glue along the edges of the ribbon (vertically so you have a gap in the middle) and place down on the fabric.  Let it sit for about 10 min or until dry.

Step 3:

Slide the metal headband through the middle section of the fabric and you’re all done!

Unique, beautiful and custom! What could be a better Christmas gift? By the way, it takes about 24 hours for a full cure of the adhesive, so don’t stick it on your head til then.

image courtesy of istockphoto

Do you have a favorite craft or DIY project that includes one of our products?  Or, have an idea that you’ve been wanting to try? Share it with us and you could be featured on this blog!

Throughout the month of December we’ll be accepting project submissions. At the end of the month we’ll choose one or more of our favorites to feature.  We want to see what unique and fun projects you come up with using Amazing GOOP, Eco Glue or other Eclectic Products. So, get out your glue, scissors, paint, paper, fabric and show us you’ve got!

Just a few things to keep in mind.  The craft or DIY project submitted must include an Eclectic Product and must include an image(s) and/or video with a how-to description of your project. Those featured will get a gift basket of glue to suit your DIY or crafting needs.

Send submissions to kelli.matthews[at]

You can peek at some of our previous guest posts and contest winners to get inspiration:

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Once again, Eclectic Product users continue to blow us away. YouTube user Battlebots16 provided us with some insight on how he builds RC cars using sheet metal and Amazing GOOP. Check out his video below and learn how he uses Amazing GOOP to produce some killer creations.

What inspired you start making RC cars, boats, robots, etc?

I’ve always been building things as far as I can remember. However, I didn’t have a good glue to use until 1999.  My dad bought me a tube of Amazing GOOP that year. The glue worked so well that I haven’t used anything since. Nothing else works right.

Would you recommend this hobby to everyone? Why or why not?

I would recommend this hobby to anyone that enjoys making things with their hands. I get the sheet metal for my projects out of trash bins at the housing projects, so in a way I’m recycling. I’m making garbage into fun projects.

What supplies did you use to create the battlebots/RC cars?

I make battlebots out of sheet metal and steel. The bots are driven by power wheels, motors being flipped on and off by switches. The switches make it possible for the robot to move forward and reverse. Amazing GOOP is used to hold many of the key components in place and make repairs. The RC cars are made from sheet metal and other parts. The frames are strap steel or old box fan frame rails.

Why do you think Amazing GOOP was a good fit for this project?

I tried every glue available: hot glue, super glue, epoxy, J-B Weld, Gorilla Glue–you name it! All the other products let me down. When I got my first tube of GOOP, I was hooked. Not only is it strong, it does not fail, as you can see in my YouTube video of the RC Delorean. The video shows the sheet metal trashed from the impact, yet all the places where it’s glued did not budge. (I have actually ripped sheet metal by trying to pull a GOOPed seam apart). I recommend this glue to everyone I know.

Do you use Amazing GOOP for other uses?

I have used Amazing GOOP on just about anything you can think of.  For example, I reattached a knob onto the stove that kept falling off, I use it for everything. If something breaks, I reach for Amazing GOOP.

Pumpkin Topiary from DIY Network

Pumpkin Topiary from DIY Network

With the arrival of fall come some of my favorite things: warm cider, carmel apples and pumpkins!  Here is a list of a few things you can do with pumpkins.

Carving.  Halloween is just 4 weeks away and that’s just enough time to get what you need to carve the perfect pumpkin.  HGTV has great tips for carving.  And, if you’re like me and have a hard time figuring out what to carve, try templates.  They’re easy to use and you’re bound to have the best looking pumpkin on the block!

Pumpkin Pie.  This is an absolute must have.  I don’t care if it’s store bought or home made, pumpkin pie is the best.   Here’s a great recipe from Martha Stewart.

Pumpkin Seeds.  I absolutely love, love, love oven roasted pumpkin seeds!  Of course you can buy them from the store, but they are much tastier warm and fresh out of the oven.  Lightly salted, they are a perfect fall snack.

Decorative Topiary. The DIY network suggests creating a decorative topiary with carved pumpkins. Once carved, stack the pumpkins, glue them together so they stay put, and wrap twinkle lights around the outside to complete the look.  This clever project would be perfect next to a fireplace or entry way. Try E6000 or EcoGlue Extreme.

Do you have any favorite fall traditions?

By Daniel Hurst Photography

By Daniel Hurst Photography

It’s that time of year… Back to school! We found a bunch of textbook perfect projects that will help you prepare for the upcoming school year.

Get organized!

Parents know that back to school means homework, school activities, sports, and more. Prepare yourself with projects that help you organize homework due dates, sports schedules, and weekend activities.

Organization frames are simple tools to help you and your kids keep track of deadlines and dates. Lowe’s demonstrates how to create a multipurpose frame system in four simple steps.

Create a study space for your A+ students where they can stay organized and focused and take the occasional study break. The study space features a book nook, art corner, and extra credit/homework dry-erase wall.

Kick off the school year in style!

Back to school shopping can get expensive. Why not create your own fashionable, inexpensive school accessories?

Book bag: Learn how to make a chic oversized book bag that’s big enough for books and supplies. Maryssa “Missa” Stumpf of Missa by Design provides a how-to video with simple steps to create this super cute accessory.

Backpack: Make a backpack out of a mens jacket. Threadbanger gives step-by-step instructions on how to create a hip backpack that’s perfect for the new school year.

DIY Sustainable LunchReusable lunch bags: Stop wasting plastic bags and create a cute reusable lunch bag using old clothes. Amy from Progressive Pioneer uses old jeans to create her reusable lunch bag. They’re cheap, durable, and great for the environment.

Teachers pet?

Start the school year right by impressing your teacher with some unique, homemade crafts such as:

In a “vintage” 1994 television ad from Eclectic Products, a Godzilla-like mega monster attacks a Japanese city. What better to put it back together than Amazing GOOP?

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Maybe our biggest fans?

GOOP Rap Lyrics

GOOP. GOOP. All Kinds of Goop.
It sticks like goo up under your shoe
To seal a window on a van
It’s there for every need of man

GOOP GOOP. What is that stuff?
Have you ever heard of GOOP?
GOOP is much more tough
You can use it on a flat
You don’t have to use a spare
You can patch your own tire
GOOP will be right there

GOOP. GOOP. It works great on my cabinets
GOOP. GOOP. It sticks together like magnets

If you happen to break your mother’s favorite vase
GOOP will make it all better, put it back in its place.

GOOP. GOOP. All Kinds of Goop.
It sticks like goo up under your shoe
To seal a window on a van
It’s there for every need of man

Summer is county fair season and most counties around the country still have a fair where you can take crafts, recipes, quilts, artwork and any number of things.

Jenna at CorgiPants offers a great post with step-by-step to exhibiting at your local fair. From finding your fair to being ready to go on fair day, Jenna has lots of helpful tips.

  • You don’t have to make a bunch of brand new things just for the fair. Think about all the crafts, recipes, projects and photos you might have taken in the last year and decide which categories to submit to.
  • Use the fair book (usually from your county extension office) to get tips, find your categories and fill out your registration form.
  • The fair book can also give you ideas for new projects to create. Get inspired!
  • Finally, post your projects on Jenna’s Flickr group – County Fair Revival– and share your work.

If you’ve made any crafts with Eclectic Products’ adhesives (e6000, EcoGlue, GOOP, etc), we’d love to see them, too!

photo by heather via Flickr

People are amazingly creative. This chandelier is made from plastic spoons! Created by studio_verissimo. What can you create today?

From the designer’s site:

This is a lamp made from plastic spoons used in the coffee which are going to the garbage daily by the thousands because they are only used once.The objective was with this waste to create a luxurious lamp.

Also, from Craftser, the yogurt cup lamp!

Want to make your own eco-chic projects? Try Amazing Eco-Glue.

The Bottle-Lotta, Musical Instrument Made with GOOP

(click on the picture to be connected to the video)

Jeffrey Barnes, saxophonist with the Grammy-award winning polka band Brave Combo, is also a musician with a “penchant for the eclectic.”

His “bottle-lotta” was borne of about 15 plastic bottles, ranging in size, glued together with Amazing GOOP and filled with varying amounts of beeswax to achieve the right pitch. Click on the photo above to see the video and click here to read the story from the Dallas Morning News.

We wish Jeffrey happy music making!

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