The Scoop on GOOP…

Eclectic Products “Amazing” Story

For nearly 30 years, GOOP has been repairing the worn, the torn and the broken all over the world. GOOP’s humble beginnings came from a chemist and part-time tennis player who was impatient with how quickly his tennis shoes wore through. Rather than replace them, he mixed a pot of goo on his stove to repair the damage to the soles. As it turns out, he made an adhesive that stayed flexible after drying with super strength that made it … well, amazing.

The chemist called his goo Shoe GOO, and it was the beginning of Eclectic Products, Inc. In 1988, Willamette Valley Company bought Eclectic Products and under President Bill Harrison’s wing, the company has continued to diversify and expand its product lines to include 10 types of Amazing GOOP and the original Shoe GOO. Eclectic Products also makes Seal-All®, Famowood®, WoodTex®, E6000®, Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler and Amazing GOOP Epoxies.

EPI has recently launched two new products:

Amazing EcoGlue™ one of the first Earth-friendly power glues with industrial strength designed for the do-it-yourselfer. EcoGlue is a water-based environmentally-safe glue that has less than 1% VOCs by weight and no animal derivatives or hazardous pollutants are found in this power glue. The bottle and card are recyclable plastic and paper to keep the Earth friendly promise to our consumers.

Bio-Safe® Skin Protectant helps prevent transmission of hand-borne infections. Bio-Safe® Skin Protectant is an easily applied lotion that helps reduce dermal exposure to biological, environmental, and industrial contaminants.

The company’s products are found in more than 35,000 home improvement stores and retail outlets, including popular retailers like The Home Depot, Tru-Serv, Ace Hardware, Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe’s and Fred Meyer.

Eclectic Products is headquartered in Eugene, Ore.

This blog is edited and maintained by EPI’s marketing team: Kelli Matthews, Leslie Habetler, Teresa Morgan and Marcia Bush. For info, please email: kelli.matthews(at)