Gary and Monika Westcott travel the world researching and exploring and Shoe GOO has been a lifesaver (or more accurately, tire saver) twice!  We chatted with Gary about why he’s a Shoe GOO fan and how he uses it.

Turtle V isn’t just any SUV, what do you use the Turtle V vehicle for?

The Turtle V is an experimental prototype of the Turtle Expedition research trucks, used to travel and explore the world. Replacing four previous travel/research vehicles, The Turtle V and its European-style Tortuga Expedition Camper is the latest home on the road. Based on a Super Duty F-550, it is carefully outfitted with equipment of proven quality and reliability.

What happened to the tire and how did you use Shoe GOO to repair it?

There were two occasions. Once, while exploring backroads in Canada’s Northwest Territories, one of our BFGoodrich Mud Terrains tires suffered a severe rock cut in the face of the tread. We cleaned the cut thoroughly, filled the cut with black Shoe GOO, and drove the tire onto a flat board covered with plastic. In the morning, the tire was ready to roll. It was not a permanent repair, but it kept dirt and gravel from working its way into the tire and to the core. The plastic was gone in a few miles. The Shoe GOO lasted until we got home.

Most recently, we caught a sharp piece of metal on the side of the rear tire the day before we headed to SEMA where the truck was part of the Specialty Vehicle Exhibit. It was an ugly gash about 7 inches long on the side wall. We drove to Las Vegas, filled the gash with Shoe GOO, (all we had was clear), and placed wax paper and tape over the area. In the morning, the wax paper and tape were removed, showing a much improved damaged area. A black felt pen added some color to the clear Shoe GOO. We expect it will look even better when we get the black Shoe GOO. This is a $535.00 tire, so we don’t throw it out because of a cosmetic problem.

How is Shoe GOO different from other repair adhesives you’ve tried?

We have not tried other silicon products to repair tires. Shoe GOO just seems to be tough enough that it’s worth a try in an emergency.

Do you use Shoe GOO for anything else?

All the normal things: Birkenstocks shoe soles, hiking boots, running shoes, cracks in the rubber bottom of bath mats, etc.

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Note: This story is Gary & Monika’s personal experience. We love this story, but we always recommend hiring a professional to make tire repairs.