Once again, Eclectic Product users continue to blow us away. YouTube user Battlebots16 provided us with some insight on how he builds RC cars using sheet metal and Amazing GOOP. Check out his video below and learn how he uses Amazing GOOP to produce some killer creations.

What inspired you start making RC cars, boats, robots, etc?

I’ve always been building things as far as I can remember. However, I didn’t have a good glue to use until 1999.  My dad bought me a tube of Amazing GOOP that year. The glue worked so well that I haven’t used anything since. Nothing else works right.

Would you recommend this hobby to everyone? Why or why not?

I would recommend this hobby to anyone that enjoys making things with their hands. I get the sheet metal for my projects out of trash bins at the housing projects, so in a way I’m recycling. I’m making garbage into fun projects.

What supplies did you use to create the battlebots/RC cars?

I make battlebots out of sheet metal and steel. The bots are driven by power wheels, motors being flipped on and off by switches. The switches make it possible for the robot to move forward and reverse. Amazing GOOP is used to hold many of the key components in place and make repairs. The RC cars are made from sheet metal and other parts. The frames are strap steel or old box fan frame rails.

Why do you think Amazing GOOP was a good fit for this project?

I tried every glue available: hot glue, super glue, epoxy, J-B Weld, Gorilla Glue–you name it! All the other products let me down. When I got my first tube of GOOP, I was hooked. Not only is it strong, it does not fail, as you can see in my YouTube video of the RC Delorean. The video shows the sheet metal trashed from the impact, yet all the places where it’s glued did not budge. (I have actually ripped sheet metal by trying to pull a GOOPed seam apart). I recommend this glue to everyone I know.

Do you use Amazing GOOP for other uses?

I have used Amazing GOOP on just about anything you can think of.  For example, I reattached a knob onto the stove that kept falling off, I use it for everything. If something breaks, I reach for Amazing GOOP.