Spring Storm via Flickr from Angelrays

Spring Storm via Flickr from Angelrays

In Eugene, Oregon (where Eclectic Products Inc. is based), we’re enjoying one of the first beautiful weekends of the year. The weather is absolutely stunning. With the gorgeous blue skies and cherry blossoms in bloom, we come to the stark realization that our patio spaces aren’t as ready for spring to arrive as we are.

However, with a little attention, you can be ready for outdoor entertaining season. Here are our favorite tips:

  • Repair patio furniture umbrellas, retractable awnings and upholstery right away. Of course we like Amazing GOOP for these tasks because it dries flexibly – perfect for cloth repairs.
  • No deck, but you want an outdoor entertaining space? Try a “paver patio.” It’s a weekend warrior type project, but totally doable. Add a fire pit, and your yard will be the place to be on warm summer nights.
  • Seal your concrete surfaces like driveways. Spring is an ideal time, according to HGTV‘s spring maintenance checklistThis video will give you the step-by-step.
  • Like it or not, we’re still in for some more rain, so check the rain gutters in case they are loose or leaky. Make sure, too, that the downspouts point away from the foundation.

Happy Spring! If you have any other tips (or questions), please leave them in the comments.

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