craft_night_logo1March is National Craft Month – one of our favorite months of the year! This year, the focus of the festivities (sponsored by the Craft & Hobby Association) is Craft Night, a campaign to encourage families to spend one evening together making arts and crafts.

Money is tight – why not spend time at home together doing something that has proven emotional and physical benefits.

“Whether providing a sense of accomplishment, relaxation, or memory keeping*, crafting has therapeutic benefits that are appealing to people of all ages, looking for a creative outlet,” said Dr. Rallie McAllister, family physician. “Knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, quilting, or almost any craft can help people by reinforcing the many emotional and social benefits associated with focus and repetition. Plus, an economical way to have some fun with the ones you love.”

  • Save some money: A family of four can save more than $150 a month by having a Craft Night at home instead of going to the movies or out for dinner. Try a great family craft using EcoGlue – it’s non-toxic, so it’s fun for kids to use on their little masterpieces. An egg carton caterpillar is a terrific craft for preschoolers.
  • Encourage a sense of accomplishment: Parents can help their school-going kids keep up with the latest fashions with a DIY craft night at home. Have your kids try a craft from Mark Montano’s Big Ass Book of Crafts (like the urban corsage) and let their inner creative genius shine.
  • Girls Night In: Rather than go out, a girls night in gives you a chance to unwind and bond while making clever projects with pooled materials – saving cash, catching up on gossip and strengthening your friendships. This lovely jeweled vase is quick, cheap and easy and adds a little sparkle to a shelf or window sill.jeweledvase

How will you celebrate National Craft Month?

*CHA Attitude & Usage Study – 11/30/08