Photo via Flickr by MartinHoward

Bathroom clutter can be a real problem. There never seems to be enough space for all the bottles, tubes and containers that we need for our everyday routines. We found a clever space saving storage idea via the MSN Home Improve and Repair channel.

There are lots of suction cup shelves available, but they aren’t terribly aesthetic and the suction cups typically fail at some point dumping the contents out on the counter (at least mine do).

With a tube of Household GOOP you can glue shelves to mirrors or shower interior to free up space with a permanent stick. GOOP works on most surfaces, so it’s no problem to glue to tile, glass, fiberglass or plastic.  GOOP is also waterproof – handy in the bathroom. Remember the stick is permanent, so check things like whether the door can open all the way with the shelf full of stuff.

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Photo via Flickr by MartinHoward