427626636_3268de8bac_b In well-appointed homes, tile is a popular choice from earthenware tiles in the foyer to porcelain in the bathroom and ceramics in the kitchen. A cracked or broken tile, even when it appears to be nothing more than a hairline, can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. Don’t delay making this repair.

  1. Use a hammer and chisel to completely remove the broken tile, taking care not to damage surrounding tile or to break the adhesive seal.
  2. Clean out the broken tile completely, including all the old grout and adhesive.
  3. Apply new adhesive. You can use tile adhesive, or for simpler application, try Amazing GOOP. GOOP is also a waterproof sealant and at about $5 a tube, can save even more money than specialty adhesives. Be sure to read the directions for the best results with the adhesive you choose.
  4. Replace the tile, regrout and leave to dry overnight.
  5. A quick clean up in the morning and your tile is as good as new.

Bottom line: A standard four-inch tile, plus the supplies will cost you less than $10.

Photo via Flickr by Abmatic