2811616330_d3fee03f28_bCustom picture or art framing can be awfully expensive. Wooden frames are elegant, but the joints expand and contract a good deal just from the temperature fluxuation in your house. And that can create loose joints.

If you have a frame that’s coming apart at the seams, a quick repair using Amazing GOOP Wood & Furniture will have it back together in no time.

After a recent move, I found that one of the corners of the wooden frame for a large Cheri Blum print was a bit loose. The print is probably 30” x 40” and with the frame it measures closer to 40” x 50”. The repair is easy enough to make. Here are the instructions:

•    Screwdriver
•    Amazing GOOP Wood & Furniture (about $4)
•    Two clamps ($20 if you need to buy)
•    Famowood wood filler in matching color (about $4)
•    Finishing nails
•    Small hammer

Step 1:
Carefully remove the paper backing and determine how the frame is held together: glue, brads connecting the corners or a spline joint. Most frames are held together with glue and one brad.

Step 2:
Gently separate the corners. Old glue can be chipped away or warmed slightly so it can be pulled apart.  A joint with two brads may require you to cut through them using a small saw and a spline joint may require a screwdriver to loosen.

Be gentle! It’s crucial that you don’t cut any wood away from the frame. Even a seemingly minute adjustment can result in an ill-fit when put back together. Don’t bend the spline – you only want to remove one side of it for repair. Final don’t – don’t leave tool marks on the frame.

Step 3:
Clean the corner you’re repairing. Pry away and remove the nails and any remaining dried glue. Fill the old nail holes on the outside of the frame with Famowood, and allow it to harden.

Step 4:
Put the frame corner back together. Lay the frame flat on the corner of a table to line up the sides.  You can also use a T-Square to ensure you have a sharp right angle. A suggestion: put a “cushion” of thin cardboard or something between clamp and wood so you don’t leave marks on the frame.

Clamp one side of the frame to the table. Apply Amazing GOOP Wood and Furniture to the loose side of the frame. Replace the spline if necessary. Allow the glue to partially cure – between 2 and 10 minutes – before joining the two pieces. Remove any extra adhesive immediately.

Position the two corners until the edges are smooth and consistent. Use your second clamp for the remaining side of the frame to hold the corner tightly. Wait about 30 minutes.

Step 5:
Hammer two finishing nails into the corner – one from each side. Countersink the nails into the wood and fill with Famowood in a matching color. Allow the adhesive to fully cure for at least 24 hours before replacing the picture and hanging up.

The Bottom Line:

Cost for supplies is about $30 if you have to buy everything

Cost of custom framing a 30” x 40” print: estimates range between $300 and $500 for basic framing.

By doing this repair yourself, you’d save at least $250!

Photo via Flickr by trimmer741