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Haven Homes

An unsteady housing market doesn’t keep your family from growing and needing more space, but it could keep you from buying a new home. Adding onto your house instead could have a unique advantage over navigating real estate in your city.

Technology and materials have also changed your options for creating custom home additions more quickly and easily than ever before.

Enter the modular home addition.

We’re not talking double-wide trailers, here, modular additions are factory built to about 80 or 90 percent completion and then shipped to the home site where the addition is finished by a qualified builder.

A recent article in Money Magazine explains it this way:

Unlike a contractor who builds your addition on your property, a factory assembles it to your exact specifications, then transports it to your home on the back of a flatbed truck. While the addition is being built, a local contractor prepares your house by pouring footings and opening up walls or removing the roof. The next day, your addition arrives and a crane sets it in place. Because the module comes with the roof, siding, windows, insulation, wallboard, wiring and plumbing all in place, the contractor can make it weather-tight within a day or two and complete the connections and final details two to four weeks after the job begins (that’s a quarter of the time an on-site builder needs).

Modular additions can cost 20% less and the quality will beat the average contractor’s results. The finish work is done at the home site. Many of these additions (and even complete homes) are eco-friendly. Combine the manufacturing process with eco-friendly finishing work like using EcoGlue Extreme to for sealing and adhesives (extremely low VOCs and no solvents!).

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