Most home improvement podcasts are either related to or a take-off of a syndicated radio show. However, depending on your media market, you may never have heard any of these experts. There are a few podcasts, such as our fave, The Handyguys Podcast, with content just for their Internet audience, but those are few in number.

All of these podcasts are available via the individual Web sites or via iTunes (I did a search for “home improvement podcasts to come up with a list).

The Money Pit: Hosted by Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete, this podcast is focused on answering your home improvement questions. You can call in 24/7 and ask a question to be answered. 1-888-Money-Pit.

Tom and Leslie are friendly and have some basic tips and good ideas for callers. One gal called in on the September 1 show (in the 2nd hour) to ask if she could paint linoleum. Tom told her no, but she could get a remnant for the room inexpensively at a flooring store. Leslie’s suggestion was to get a quality canvas drop cloth and paint it as a cool area rug.

The Home Show with Tom Tynan: Available via iTunes or through the show’s Web site. Tom has a lot of great advice for callers from basic to serious home improvement. I would agree with the review on iTunes about the large number of segments that you need to download to get the whole show. The September 8 show has 14 different short segments, for example.

The radio show is from an AM channel in Houston, Texas so there are some region-specific questions, but most advice is still useful. There was a discussion about utilities in segment 8 of the September 8th show that went into a lot of detail about how utilities work in Texas, but it was still a good listen, even for an Oregonian.

Home Wizards with Cindy Dole: Another radio show, this one from the Los Angeles area. Her archives are found on her Web site as opposed to iTunes. You’ll need to subscribe through your RSS feeder (such as Google Reader or Bloglines). I listened to the most recent show and really enjoyed the interview with Nicole Sassman, an interior designer who specializes in small spaces. Having just moved to a smaller space, these tips are suddenly relevant to me, anyway. Cindy is knowledgeable and has a lot of interesting guests.

If you have a favorite podcast, let us know! We’d love to share it with our readers.