We’re a little more than mid-way through hurricane season and have already seen several storms wreak havoc. If you’re in a hurricane-prone region, we’ve collected some tips or prepping your home. If you’re not, your average winter storm can still do a good deal of damage and these tips will help you protect your property.

The National Hurricane Center offers lots of great tips for preparing for a major storm. According to the hurricane preparedness site, the most important thing to do to reduce damage is to protect areas where wind can enter. And specifically, there are five critical areas:

Roof: You can retrofit both gabled and shingled roofs to protect against storm damage. You need to use adhesive to adhere each shingle to the one under it. Time consuming? Probably. But it could save your roof in a storm.

Straps: If your roof has trusses, make sure you tie them to the wall by either anchoring to the top plate and then the top plate to the wall stud, or strapping the truss directly to the wall stud.

Shutters: Impact resistant shutters can protect glass from airborne objects or from sudden changes in pressure that cause glass to shatter. The American Plywood Association (APA) – The Engineered Wood Association offers a series of Hurricane Shutter Designs. Each design is available for $1, or you can download all five designs from the APA’s Web site at no cost.

Doors: Solid wood or hollow metal doors can typically withstand hurricane force winds, but if you’re not sure a few simple measures, like installing head and foot bolts on double-entry doors and ensuring each door has three hinges and a security deadbolt will help.

Garage Doors: The best way to secure your garage door is to buy a kit to retrofit it with horizontal and vertical braces.

You can learn more at the Institute for Business and Home Safety Web site DisasterSafety.org or at the National Hurricane Center’s Hurricane Preparedness site.

Photo by Shutter Sparks via Flickr.