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Adding wainscoting to any room adds visual interest and gives a little touch of New England even if your house is suburban bland.

We found several easy to follow how-tos for this easy DIY project. You can go green on this project in two easy ways, too – New England Classic wainscoting is made of furniture-grade hardwood veneers with an engineered wood core, making the fabrication and materials much more sustainable than custom designed systems for the same look. And for a construction adhesive, try Amazing EcoGlue Extreme.

  • DIY Network has an easy-to-follow video and step-by-step instructions.
  • This Old House also has instructions for installation of the recessed panel wainscoting – the most traditional of the styles.
  • And YouTube has several how-tos. This one was quick and gives a nice overview and enough detail to get you on your way.