Summer is county fair season and most counties around the country still have a fair where you can take crafts, recipes, quilts, artwork and any number of things.

Jenna at CorgiPants offers a great post with step-by-step to exhibiting at your local fair. From finding your fair to being ready to go on fair day, Jenna has lots of helpful tips.

  • You don’t have to make a bunch of brand new things just for the fair. Think about all the crafts, recipes, projects and photos you might have taken in the last year and decide which categories to submit to.
  • Use the fair book (usually from your county extension office) to get tips, find your categories and fill out your registration form.
  • The fair book can also give you ideas for new projects to create. Get inspired!
  • Finally, post your projects on Jenna’s Flickr group – County Fair Revival– and share your work.

If you’ve made any crafts with Eclectic Products’ adhesives (e6000, EcoGlue, GOOP, etc), we’d love to see them, too!

photo by heather via Flickr