RV on the open roadSee part one of this series for more information on basic RV repairs.

Versatility is the key
A tear in the linoleum can be both unsightly and hazardous. But it’s easy to repair tears when you have the right tools. Look for a flexible adhesive that’s both water- and UV-resistant when repairing linoleum in a high traffic area.

Tip: Use a diluted vinegar solution to clean the part of the floor you are working with.

Apply a small amount of an adhesive like Amazing GOOP RV along the tear line and apply pressure to the linoleum to minimize the tear while the adhesive creates an initial bond. The adhesive can be spread with a putty knife or wooden Popsicle stick, and wipe away excess immediately. A full cure will take about 24 hours, depending on the surrounding temperature.

The same directions apply if you’re repairing an upholstery tear or a tear in any fabric.

Tip: Apply heat indirectly with a hair dryer set on “low” to decrease drying time.

Stay tuned for part 3, repairing a sewer hose. Should be good!

[parts of this series originally appears in Escapees Magazine, November/December 2003]