Inspired by the amazing play at the French Open this year (visit the official site here), I thought I’d take a look and see what online opportunities there are for amateur tennis players to get support, improve your stroke or just connect with others online. There were two that appeared to be pretty popular and have a variety of features for users.

  • Racquet Speed: A social network for players and instructors. From the Web site: lets you locate tennis courts , tennis partners , and instructors near you . You can schedule a lesson in New York , setup a match in Miami, or locate tennis courts around your home . is a great way make new friends on the court , and stay connected to old ones. Create a custom profile, upload photos, add events and even add your favorite courts.
  • Tennisopolis: From the site: Social network where tennis fans and players share all there is to love about this amazing sport. Whether you are a fan of the pros or just love to play, Tennisopolis is for you!

Looking for a partner? Sign up for either of these networks and get connected! And to keep tennis shoes in good repair, try Shoe GOO.

Photo by small_ape via Flickr