A plain serving tray, a simple TV tray, unembellished wooden egg or an end table that needs a little pizazz. FAMOWOOD’s Glaze Coat can help you create memorable projects for moms or for yourself.

Glaze Coat Pour-On High Gloss Epoxy Coating is an ultra-clear, high-gloss finishing epoxy ideal for home improvement and craft projects. Just one coat equals 60 coats of varnish.

  • Coat tables, clocks, game boards and furniture
  • Imbed coins, rocks, sea shells, flowers or any non-waxy material
  • Preserve pictures, photographs, posters, signs and ceramics

Below you’ll find the directions for one of many Glaze Coat projects you can do. The end result may be different, but the steps are the same. For more detailed instruction, watch our video about Glaze Coat here. And get your questions answered on our FAQ page.

Glaze Coat Serving Tray Project


1 pt. Kit Glaze Coat
Unfinished or painted wood serving tray
Assorted photographs (we suggest color copies)
Latex gloves
Masking Tape
White Glue
Mixing container
Stir stick
Paint Brush

Tape bottom edge of tray with masking tape.

Cut photos in decorative shapes and apply to surface with white glue.

Let dry thoroughly.

Position tray on level pedestal for glaze coat application.

Wearing an apron and gloves, mix Glaze Coat precisely according to package directions

Pour Glaze Coat in the middle of serving tray. Spread to outside edges. With a paintbrush, brush additional Glaze Coat on the inner and outer sides of tray as well as in the inside of the handles. Use a hair dryer or torch to remove any air bubbles that might rise to the surface. Dry completely. When dried remove the masking tape from bottom of tray. For a high gloss finish – repeat procedure.

Other projects you can do with Glaze Coat: