Say goodbye to gray winter doldrums and bring the bright light of spring into your home with a luscious coat of paint. Nothing changes the feel of a room faster and sets off your belongings better than the right color chosen from the almost endless palette available.

Best of all, painting is the fastest and least expensive way to transform the rooms you live in. However, preparing the walls is the key to outstanding results—especially with a spackling product that gives you better results than you ever thought possible

Choose the color at your house, not in the store.

Bring home color chips from the paint store. Hold the colors you like up to each of the four walls of the room—the color will look slightly different on each wall because of light differences. The time of day also affects the hue. A yellow may look buttery at noon and almost creamy or tan in the evening. Finally, before buying several gallons of the color you like, invest in a quart of it and paint a swatch on each wall to see how it will look. Live with it for a few days. If you still love it, then buy enough to do the job.

Prep the Room First

  • Protect your belongings by moving all the furniture out of the room or to the middle and cover it with plastic. Protect the carpet with drop cloths.
  • Avoid the “paint around” that can lead to odd circles, streaks, or drips by removing switch plates, outlets, knobs and hinges and bag each with its screws– you will be glad you did when you’re ready to put them back.
  • Use painter’s tape to protect wood trim. Now you are ready to prepare the walls.

Prepare the walls

  • Remove all decorations from the walls. Using a general all-purpose cleaner, lightly wash off the dust and grime. Rinse with clean water and a sponge to make sure you’ve removed any soapy residue.
  • Fill all holes in the walls with spackling compound.

Secrets of spackling success

  • Use the right product. Nothing can make your efforts look more amateurish than wall “craters” from shrinking putty. Traditionally spackling has been done using a can of spackling paste and up to two putty knives. The frustrating experience of many non-professionals is that the putty has dried out since the last job and the putty knife is nowhere to be found. Also juggling a spackling can and applying the putty is awkward and messy.
  • Painter’s Nail Hole Filler comes in a tube with an angled sponge-tip applicator that evens out and finishes the surface, whether textured or smooth—no scraping or sanding required. No mixing–Painter’s Nail Hole Filler’s applicator tip guides the filler into cracks, holes and nail heads and rubs the patch to a clean smooth surface. With the tip, you can easily match the texture of the surface around the hole. The product won’t dry out in the tube and never shrinks or discolors paint or wallpaper—best of all it’s ready when you need it. Painters® Nail Hole Filler works on any wall texture or composition (wood, stucco, wallboard or plaster).
  • Clean up the hole before filling. Brush or wipe away any plaster flakes around the hole or debris in the hole so that you have a smooth surface.
  • Using Painter’s Nail Hole Filler. No mixing—just shake and knead the filler within the tube before opening it. Remove the cap and applicator. Snip the tip to open and attach the special angled sponge tip applicator. Squeeze a bead of filler to the top of the applicator and begin filling the hole or crack. Smooth and finish to desired texture. The fill is dry and ready to paint in 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Different strokes for different holes. When filling deeper and/or wider holes than the normal nail holes or small cracks, fill partially and allow the filler to set up and dry a little before adding more filler. Depending on how deep the hole, you may want to apply several layers of Painter’s Nail Hole Filler before the hole is entirely filled. Then smooth and texture the final layer and allow the fill to completely dry before painting.

Once the prep is done, it’s time to create your masterpiece. With the array of paint colors and application techniques available for today’s do-it-yourself decorator, you can create the perfect room with the perfect ambiance for you and your family.

Most home improvement and hardware stores carry a large variety of spackling products, including Painter’s Nail Hole Filler.