If you’re a skater (or the parent of a skater), you know that skate shoes are not cheap! And the wear and tear of skateboarding on the shoe sole is brutal.

Skaters have long known that Shoe GOO can salvage their shoes and make them last just a little bit longer.

Here are some tips from Shoe GOO fans:

  • Dam holes from the inside with duct tape before applying Shoe GOO to the outside.
  • Seal frayed or open seams with a bead of Shoe GOO.
  • Drop globs of Shoe GOO all around the area to be covered and then spread it into a sheet for seamless rubbery “shield” of adhesive from top to sole.
  • Finally, the secret to a great shield: ICE CUBES! Spreading the adhesive is the biggest challenge with these kinds of adhesives. Being “glue”, they are sticky and stick to everything, including whatever you are trying to spread them with. Here’s the trick: use an ice cube to spread it around. The glue won’t stick to ice and the adhesive will flow where you want it. The temperature of the ice also helps set the adhesive a little.

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photo courtesy of ktpupp via flickr