On this Earth Day, remember that going green does more than benefit the earth — it benefits your pocketbook by saving money on energy bills. Some of the following tips are inexpensive and easy, while others require an initial investment but pay for themselves in time.

  • Since older models require significantly more energy to run, consider replacing your air conditioner or furnace if they are more than 10 years old. Before you buy, look for Energy Star rated models which meet strict EPA and Department of Energy guidelines.
  • Plant deciduous trees to shade the south side of your house. Deciduous trees will shade in the summer and lose their leaves in the winter to let more sun (and heat) into your house. For more landscaping tips visit HGTV and for more about planting trees visit American Forests.
  • Reduce water consumption and lower the cost of heating water by repairing leaky fixtures and installing low flow shower heads, faucets and toilets.
  • Make sure the walls and attic are well-insulated, adding more where needed.
  • Prevent wasted heat or cooling by sealing leaky windows.
  • Replace bulbs and lighting fixtures with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. These pay for themselves with the savings they provide.
  • Recycling kitchen waste into garden compost is another great way to contribute to the health of the environment. It not only reduces the amount of garbage going into landfills, but makes for healthier plants, too. Learn how at HowtoCompost.org

Finally, look for green products to replace your everyday household items. Green cleaners, paper products and even DIY tools can be found at your local store. For DIY, we at Eclectic Products have developed an adhesive that is earth-friendly without sacrificing the strength. Amazing EcoGlue is an industrial-strength adhesive for the green-conscious DIYer. EcoGlue has less than one percent volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by weight, no animal derivatives and virtually no hazardous pollutants. Even the bottle and packaging are recyclable.