Having the right DIY tools around the house can help you save money. Before you buy something, take a look around. Do you have something you can repair? or modify to suit new purposes? Ingenuity is frugality at its best.

Do a 30-minute walk through your home and check for things that you can repair easily and save money in the long run. Some ideas;

  1. Walls & Ceilings: Check for loose molding and cracks.
  2. Floors: Look for wear and tear, like linoleum lifting at the seams or edges or cracked or loose stone or ceramic tiles.
  3. Hardware: Inspect for loose towel racks, door knobs and pulls, hooks and other objects attached to the walls.
  4. Countertops: Check for cracked or loose ceramic tiles or lifting laminate.
  5. Window & Door Frames: Look for openings and leaks in the seal, which could reduce the efficiency of any heating/cooling system and cause water damage.
  6. Household Objects: Check for broken toys, game gear and decorative or damaged household pieces like rubber coated dish racks or plastic pot handles.

You want a strong one-part adhesive that works on a variety of surfaces and dries to a rubbery, flexible, water-resistant finish. Our Amazing GOOP has all these characteristics (of course!). It’s one of the strongest one-part adhesives available.

Regardless of which product you use, follow these tips for best results:

  • The surface should be clean and dry. You can even roughen the surface a little (with mild sandpaper) to ensure maximum GOOP grip.
  • Hold the GOOP under warm water for easier flow. (It’s a good idea to store the GOOP in the house so it stays relatively warm).
  • Apply a thin coat of GOOP. Allow it to partially cure (dry) for 2 – 10 minutes before you bring the two surfaces together. This seems counter-intuitive, but we’ll trust the chemists on this one.
  • Carefully bring the two surfaces together. The bond is strong, so be careful about placement.
  • Allow the repair to dry for 24 hours, more or less depending on room temperature. Warmer rooms will cause the GOOP to dry faster and cooler rooms, slower.

For more on frugal living, check out Zen Habits. And remember, it costs nothing to be nice.

You can find Amazing GOOP at most home-improvement and hardware stores. Visit our Web site for more info.